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What is Flixpack?

Flixpack is a movie discovery platform.
Think of it as a social network around movies, where friends and followers share their opinion on movies, we call it Punch, and help each other to find great movies . Needless to say, it also helps you in deciding what not to watch. Sounds like Social-Service? ;)

Chuck Ratings, Welcome Verdicts!

We know ratings are ambiguous, more so when they come from strangers (read critics). With Flixpack, you are saved from the complicated task of comprehending a x.5 rating to your choice, and instead you are presented with the same options that we use in our daily lives to recommend movies to our friends viz. Must Watch, Worth a Watch, Ok-Ok, Lousy Watch and Do Not Watch.

Flixpack's flat verdict scale makes movie selection and recommendation easy for you.

Must Watch
Worth A Watch
Ok Ok
Lousy Watch
Do Not Watch

Flixpack is not a movie streaming service.

However, Flixpack does connect you with other content providers, for example, to watch trailers and free movies.


Punches - Review 2.0

A Punch is a short (up to 40 characters) and quick (to read) opinion about a movie. For example: Brilliant movie! And if you prefer good old detailed reviews, we have them as well.

Verdicts - Simple & Flat

Pick from five verdict options - Must Watch, Worth a Watch, Ok Ok, Lousy Watch and Do Not Watch.

Friends - Your Network With You

Connect your profile with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and connect with existing friends from these networks on Flixpack.


Recommend movies to your circle and seek recommendations from your friends. When you know someone's taste in movies, these recommendations are very effective.

Movie Catalogs

Create unlimited movie catalogs. Flixpack provides Favourites, Watchlist and Watched movie catalogs by default. You can create your own compilations and share with friends or you could subscribe to other's catalogs. Example: My Favourite Romantic Flicks

Discover Free Movies

Hand-curated collection of movies which are available for free to watch online. Original publications, with a strict check in place to get best quality content only.

8 Languages, 80000+ Movies

















From Hollywood to Bollywood we are covering the Globe

We have covered movies since 1940 in major Indian languages viz Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and World Cinema in English.

This is just the beginning. Our hard-working curation team aims to cover every single movie ever produced across the Globe. That, until we find life on other planets, then we will have marvel-lous recommendations across planets too.

Flixpack + Alexa

Find about new movie releases or details about any movie by asking Alexa, using Alexa enabled devices and apps.
More features are coming soon.

Flixpack with Alexa

How to use Flixpack with Alexa?

  1. Enable the Flixpack skill for Alexa.
  2. Ask Alexa to Launch Flixpack
  3. Ask for New Movies
  4. or ask to tell more about a particular movie by name.

Things You Can Try Today

  • Alexa, ask Flixpack for new releases.
  • Alexa, ask Flixpack for new movies in English.
  • Alexa, ask Flixpack to tell more about Tiger Zinda Hai.
  • Alexa, ask Flixpack to tell more about Vishwaroopam

Flixpacking with Alexa is fun!

Mobile Apps

So that you could carry your movie expert with you. Built fresh and native.

Coming Soon

In Closed Beta Now